Jesus worked miracles.  He healed those with disease, physical deformity, mental illness, birth defects, and sin.  He even raised the dead.  Sure, he did it out of compassion, but more than that, he did it to bring restoration.  He did it to bring new life.

He’s still doing it today.

Whatever your brokenness, whatever your pain, whatever your sin… Jesus can work miracles in your life.  And he can do it today.  Jesus once asked a blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?”  He’s asking you the same question.  What will your answer be?

In this series, we’ll explore seven of Jesus’ life-changing miracles.  From the man born blind to the calming of the storm, we’ll look deep into the heart of God and his desire to make you whole?  [MORE INFO]

This 7-week series runs Sundays, July 20 – August 31.