We are called to be in the world, but not conformed to its desires or values. This can be more difficult than we think. More often than not we feel compromised by ungodly influences and emotions like anger, envy, fear, and unforgiveness leak into our hearts and minds.

In this series, we’ll explore how we can overcome the emotional and spiritual toxins that assault us daily. With grace and insight you’ll be challenged to examine areas of complacency and bring them into the light of God’s holiness. Learn how to be free from toxic emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, and discover the freedom of choosing to live with the mind of Christ. [MORE INFO]

This is a LIFE Groups series, designed to be shared with others on the journey like you.  Not in a LIFE Group?  We’ll help you find one!  [EXPLORE LIFE GROUPS]

This 5-week series runs Sundays, April 27 – May 25.